Theatre and Library Residence -Kyoto Murasakino-

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Do You Love Japanese Movies?

Akira Kurosawa & Yasujiro Ozu. Legendary film directors praised across the globe for their unique passion.

They rose from defeat with a strong desire to express themselves and live true to themselves.

Take a deep dive into the era in which these film directors lived see the context feel their thoughts. A traditional inn where you can enjoy these films and appreciate the beauty of art and culture.

Enjoy the moment of luxury while experiencing the deep history of the imperial capital.

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Service and Amenity

We will offer a season of sweets


We will offer a season of sweets. *It will change depending on the season.


  • * Towel
  • * Bath towel
  • * Body Soap
  • * Shampoo
  • * Rinse
  • * DVD player
  • * Hair dryer
  • * Washing machine
  • * Refrigerator
  • * Hand soap
  • * Toothbrush
  • * Shaving
  • * Comb/Brush
  • * Cookware
  • * Washing toilet
  • * Kitchenette
  • * Microwave
  • * Electric kettle
  • * Toaster oven
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